Vampire Basics

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This page contains basic information in a psuedo-FAQ format about Bloodreign vampires. Just the facts, to clear up points that are often disputed in various stories, and set the tone of the game as far as it’s signature creatures.

Vampires are Supernatural

Vampires are not the result of some kind of disease, genetic mutation, lab experiment, or cybernetic enhancement. They are monsters that have lived alongside humanity since before people thought marking clay tablets with reeds might be useful. They are magical creatures that are strongly aligned with the Night, and are born from Humans as a result of the actions of other Vampires.

Vampires gain supernatural abilities, including enhanced senses, the ability to transform themselves, mesmerize humans, and so on. They have very good reason to fear Sunlight and Fire, but very little reason at all to fear guns. Vampires are subject to certain occult constraints and rules, as well as being targeted by spells that focus on monsters.

Vampires are Undead

Vampires don’t need to breathe air, they get no nourishment from human food or drink, and under normal circumstances, their hearts don’t beat. If hooked up to medical equipment, they will register as dead. It’s not electrochemical impulses and oxygen and complex biochemestry that animate them and keep them whole, it’s the power of the blood they take in. Vampires also cannot sire living children through sex.

It’s not all bad though. In addition to not needing to breathe, Vampires do not get tired from merely doing a lot of activity. The light of day tires out a Vampire, as does a lack of blood, but physical exertion doesn’t. They can consume food if they wish, for appearances or the taste, without ill effects, and they are physically capable of sex, even if procreation is out of the question.

Vampires are Predators

Many humans who become Vampires are enraged or horrified by the notion. It’s quite common for a young Vampire to swear that they won’t take any lives, and some even vow not to drink human blood, even if it’s freely given. That kind of moral stance doesn’t last long.

Vampires constantly crave blood. They are never, ever free of the desire for more blood, though drinking it can certainly push the desire down to a level that is easily ignored. To the horror of the squeamish, it’s not just denying oneself blood that causes hunger to rage out of control, but human blood in specific. In addition, Vampires who have not actively hunted for their food begin to feel restless, irritable, and distracted. Just drinking donated blood out of a cup or bag doesn’t cut it after a while.

Vampires are Monsters

It’s not easy to maintain even a semblance of one’s former personality upon being transformed into a Vampire. Unfortunately, with a few notable exceptions, all the most successful Vampires are those who managed to hang on to their basic human thought processes. It’s not just the craving for blood and hunting, but a profound, internal change to the person that warps how the world is viewed and how she can react. Vampires are always at risk of letting go of too much of their former selves, and becoming little more than ravenous beasts. When ground is lost in that fight, it’s possible to regain one’s sense of self as well, but there is a point of no return from which the human self of a Vampire can never return.

Vampire Basics

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