Primal Apprentice Savagery

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Primal – Apprentice Level: Savagery [45 or +30 points]

Upon attaining this level the vampire has become a true user of the Primal power, learning to take on real transformations and master the animal kingdom.

Animal Retainer: The vampire can ‘employ’ a single animal of any type for the duration of one night. Most often a bird of some kind is used inside of large cities, but it can literally be any animal from a circus elephant to a mouse. The animal won’t do anything suicidal, but it might enter a combat depending on how aggressive a species it is, and how dangerous that situation looks from the animal’s perspective.
Otherwise, the creature performs any task asked of it to the best of its ability, in its own way. A monkey asked to steal a keycard from an office worker would likely just grab it and run, while a big dog might try to kill or disable the office worker if it couldn’t initially reach the card.

  • Hunger: This power has a noticeable hunger cost that kicks in at the time the bond with the animal is made. Some energy is expended normally, and a small amount of blood, just a taste, is fed to the animal from the vampire’s own body.

Call of the Wild: This ability allows a vampire to call a specific animal type to him, or alternately most of the local animal population. This power’s most obvious use is getting access to an animal for the use of other Primal powers, but it can also be used to impress mortals, pull a guard-dog away from its trainer, and so on. Limited communication is possible with the summoned animal or animals, and while any information that could be gotten from them is limited by their perspective, it can still be quite useful when trying to avoid people or stalking someone. Vampires especially often are well remembered by passing animals, because of how ‘unnatural’ they seem.
The passive aspect of this power exempts the vampire from exactly that problem, making him seem acceptable and therefore less noticeable to animals. Instead of seeing an undead abomination, the animals will instead perceive the vampire as simply a large and dangerous predator. Many animals will be unable to communicate the difference between a vampire with this power and a very large dog, keeping Primal using vampires off the radar of those with similar skills.
As a secondary use of this ability, the vampire can pull the shadows more closely around him, so that they extend further wherever they touch him. This part of the ability dramatically raises the hunger cost.

  • Hunger: The passive aspect of this power has no hunger cost, while the active one is more variable. The power has to be maintained until the animal or animals actually arrive, and the cost builds up slowly over time. Once the desired animal arrives, it can be dropped and the animal interacted with, no more blood is consumed. The cost or summoning many local animals is much larger initially, ramping up faster than the summoning of a single animal as well.

Soul Beast: The vampire chooses an animal to be sort of totemic, to be the animal that she’s most connected to, and can most easily call upon. Using powers of control or transformation that target or relate to the chosen animal are always easier, faster, and have less impact on hunger. Some sensory or other minor aspect of the animal becomes a permanent bonus for the vampire, except when overwritten by an active transformation. The player should work out with the GM exactly what minor aspect of the animal will constitute that bonus, as it’s impossible to list every possible animal and all the possible bonuses for each here.

  • Transformation: This power bestows a permanent minor transformation to go along with the bonus, but the change is subtle, much in the vein of the bestial aspect that Beast Sense applies. This is related to the chosen animal of course, people often come to describe the vampire as ‘Catlike’, ‘Wolflike’, and so on.
  • Hunger: Since this power is passive, and mostly affects other powers, it has no impact on hunger whatsoever, it’s just a new state of being for the vampire.

Tooth and Claw: The vampire calls upon a partial transformation to gain the offensive or defensive abilities of an animal. This is commonly claws or large fangs, but some other popular options are thick fur or scales to help turn claws or knives, slime to escape from grabs, ram’s horns to allow for vicious headbutts or to protect against being shot in the head, etc. This ability only adds-on to the vampire’s base structure, it can’t change limb or body shape.
As the vampire gains power in Primal, these shifts can become more dramatic and useful, until the vampire can produce scythe-like claws that can cut stone at the master level. Of course, he may not wish to do so, as it’s quite difficult to conceal something like that.

  • Transformation: Obviously the aspect of the animal manifests itself on the vampire. This kind of transformation is pretty hard to hide, claws or fangs are the most subtle option, but anything that covers the whole body will make the vampire unmistakably inhuman.
  • Hunger: This power hits pretty hard on hunger, even for minor shifts like fangs and claws. Full body transformations like a pelt of fur are even more costly, possibly pushing a vampire half way down to the next point on the hunger scale with a single use.

Totemic Manifestation: Though the vampire cannot properly transform into animals yet, he can draw upon his Soul Beast for a temporary shift into an animal of that type. The transformation is brief, lasting only a few minutes to a half hour at the most. The only shape that can be taken at this point is the Soul Beast shape, and the vampire becomes a mostly normal version of the animal, with perhaps a few quirks that make it seem a bit unusual. Every time the vampire uses this power she will appear the same, having as much of an individual and consistent appearance in this form as she does in her natural form.
Totemic Manifestation reduces the Vampire’s attributes a little, bringing them to a compromise state between their natural vigor and the normal ability for an animal. This ability cannot be activated during the day.

  • Transformation: As described, the vampire becomes a mostly ordinary version of the Soul Beast, mass is not retained for this transformation. A two hundred pound muscled vampire can become a four pound cat.
  • Hunger: This ability is one the vampire will notice every time as a serious increase in hunger.

Primal Apprentice Savagery

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