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Primal – Overview & Basic Level Abilities

Primal is a power that emphasizes the connection a vampire can have to a certain aspect of the animal kingdom. The animals that resonate with vampires are almost always predators, though occasionally some verminous or parasitic animals have a strong connection to the vampiric state. Domesticated, or herbivorous animals, or those that are only active during the day are much harder to call upon or mimic with this power.

Primal gives control over beasts and also allows the vampire to become a beast, on the outside at least. when the Apprentice level is learned, the vampire chooses a signature animal that he can call upon most quickly and easily.

Primal is an extremely hunger-intensive power when using any kind of transformation ability. Attributes are not as important for Primal as they are for some of the more mental powers, but having a good Strength is important for getting the most out of one’s transformed states.

Basic Level – Feral [15 Points]

Beast Sense: The vampire’s senses, already better than human, sharpen significantly. The biggest improvements are to hearing and smell, but the vampire also gets some minor improvements to vision, mostly in being able to notice motion more easily. Finally, a change to the way the vampire senses tactile sensations makes it easier to navigate in tight or dark spaces.

  • Transformation: This power applies only a small transformation, one that people will have to do a double-take to be sure they saw. It makes the vampire’s appearance more feral in terms of slight changes to her features, hair, etc.
  • Hunger: This power is negligible in its hunger cost, so much so that some vampires choose to keep it on permanently, and simply take an extra sip or two of blood each night.

Vermin Affinity: The vampire gains familiarity with the kinds of creatures that most would shun, especially when they were still human. Insects, rats, small creatures that lurk in dark places. The vampire may call on these creatures for minor ‘favors’ at any time with some minor effort and concentration. Of course, such animals are not terribly powerful, but they can often perform some subtle tasks that can help a lot in the long run, such as retrieving an item, placing a listening device, scouting out an area invisibly, as no one is going to pay attention to another fly or cockroach or mouse.

  • Hunger: Vermin Affinity has no real affect on hunger, a vampire would have to really work at it to use this power enough to get any noticeable impact on hunger at all.


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