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Nightwalking – Overview & Basic Level Abilities

Nightwalking is a power of both stealth and travel. Though at first it may seem confusing that these two concepts are mystically related, it makes sense when further examined. What is stealth, after all, but an attempt to travel unseen, even if only a short distance? Nightwalking draws upon the distortions of distance and time that darkness and night-time impress upon the human psyche. It’s a similar principle to the idea that once you lose track of a spider in your room, it could be anywhere in the room. When unseen, it’s possible for Vampires that manifest this power to move extraordinarily swiftly. Subjectively, the Vampire doesn’t feel like he’s moving much faster, and his increased speed doesn’t cause his footsteps to sound more loudly.

It’s all part of that strange distortion of time and space that darkness brings on. The same thing that tricks the mind into thinking that the dark shape over there is probably just a bush or a trash can, and not a Vampire, allows the mind to believe that somehow, that Vampire could probably have gotten over to the other side of the room when nobody was watching him.

Thus, Nightwalking is a power based on Cunning. There must be some minimum level of plausibility in the hiding and quick traveling the Vampire does. The more clever she is, the more she can exploit situations to allow her to remain hidden or swiftly move. It’s a subtle power, and it has the advantage of not being very hunger intensive at all, with the exception of a couple of key abilities.

Strength also synergizes well with Nightwalking, as strong characters are more athletic and faster, and thus can get more benefit out of this power’s abilities than lower strength characters.

Basic Level – Spook [10 Points]

Night’s Whisper: The night offers a cloak to the vampire, making her much harder to see at night while in dark surroundings. Anyone looking directly at the vampire in the light sees her as she is. Regardless of how dark it is in the vampire’s vicinity, this ability cannot function during the day. However, this power imbues a number of subtle effects upon the vamp that greatly enhance sneaking.
All sounds directly related to movement are muted. So kicking a bucket would make less noise, but the bucket bouncing down a set of stairs would still be audible normally. Any colors on the vampire are deeply muted, and her silouette is made less distinct. Finally, the Vampire does not cast a reflection while this ability is active. Put together, these effects make it much easier to move stealthily.

  • Hunger: Night’s Whisper barely causes an increase in hunger. A vampire will notice a drain only if she uses this ability for an entire night without relaxing it.

Wayfarer: A vampire with this ability can always cross long distances faster than one without it. Circumstances align to prevent minor blocks to travel, for instance traffic jams may ease or end, traffic lights turn at the right times, rain stops long enough for the vampire to get up a muddy hill more quickly, etc. In addition to these effects, the vampire picks up a little extra distance mystically while moving. This doesn’t help him noticeably in any kind of short-distance, but over the course of miles it can really add up. Wayfarer is a passive ability, always active once the basic level of Nightwalking is learned.

  • Hunger: Wayfarer does not increase hunger at all.


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