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Glamour – Overview & Basic Abilities

Glamour is a power of control and entrancement. It offers a way to influence and stand out well beyond what looks and charisma can offer. In fact, it enhances both of those qualities in addition to granting additional options. A vampire with this power literally becomes more attractive, alluring, and engaging. Glamour is a very flashy power, but it tends to protect the vampire despite that. Mortals and others notice the vampire more, but it gives him the tools to deal with that attention as he likes.
Willpower and Cunning are both important attributes for a Glamour using vampire. Willpower should be emphasized if he wants to use more direct commands, while Cunning should be emphasized if he desires to manipulate more often.
Glamour powers are often much more powerful on a subject if the vampire can make eye contact with his intended target. For powers that affect anyone nearby, proximity greatly increases the amount of effect the target receives.

Basic Abilities [15 points]

Come Hither: This ability influences someone to walk over and be disposed to speak with the vampire. It provides a good first impression, and the subject will generally think that it was their own idea to approach the vamp. Eye contact greatly boosts this power but is not required. Once the initial contact has been made, Come Hither fades and the vamp is on his own for the rest of the interaction, albeit from a very good starting position. This power works on supernatural creatures, assuming the vampire’s attributes are dominant, but unlike mortals they have a substantial chance to realize that they were compelled, rather than thinking it was their own idea.

  • Hunger: Come Hither has virtually no impact on hunger.

Peacocking: This ability makes the character seem notable and important. The general impression of observers will be more favorable as far as their appearance-based opinions. It doesn’t lend any real air of authority, but rather it conveys a sense of celebrity. Peacocking is one of the few powers that works exactly as well on supernaturals as it does on mortals, due to it’s subtle nature. Only very specific warding magic can shut out this ability. Consequently, most vampires who’ve learned the power of Glamour use it quite a bit.

  • Hunger: The cost of this ability is low, but it’s less useful if used intermittently, rather than on a more constant basis. Over time, the cost of keeping Peacocking up for all social interactions adds up substantially. Most vampires use it one of two ways as a result, either always, to get the maximum effect, or only on special occasions, to further highlight themselves during that time.


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