Dominion Master Kingdom

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Dominion – Master Level: Kingdom [80 or +20 points]

At this point the vampire is in some ways inseparable from his lair, it has become an extension of him. Though this increases the tendency to not want to leave one’s well protected lair, the advantages outside it have gotten stronger as well. There’s little that can hide from the vampire’s gaze at this point.

Soulsight: This ability allows a glimpse into the very souls of other beings, be they mortal or supernatural. It reveals the ‘stains’ on those souls, recent crimes they have committed, with an emphasis on crimes committed against the vampire herself, or against vampires in general. These can often give a clue as to the nature of a supernatural creature. This ability provides a clear determination of if a person is supernatural in some way or not, even for subtle distinctions like mortals with magical powers. It also reveals any curses, or lingering magical effects on the target.
Soulsight gives the power to see ghosts or other spirits of the dead, and to easily see magical or environmental effects that relate to the dead in some way. Used in conjunction with a brief taste of a newly dead person’s blood, it allows the vampire to see the last few moments of that life.
Though not as dramatic as Dragon’s Eyes, Soulsight still has a noticeable effect, making the vampire’s eyes more reflective, and shifting their color away to an obviously unnatural one. Normally people don’t examine someone’s eyes too carefully, so this can often go unnoticed, but in low-light conditions the shine in the vampire’s eyes may tip observers off to supernatural activity.

  • Hunger: Soulsight increases hunger slightly, producing a small but noticeable drain while it’s active. Unlike Dragon’s Eyes, there’s no large up-front cost, making it easy to call upon and banish this ability at will.

Living Lair: Though the vampire’s lair does not actually come alive, per-se, the vampire can now impress his will on it directly, opening and closing doors, locking and unlocking locks, turning lights on and off without ever having to actually manipulate those objects physically. This can even be done at a distance, though without using some other power to observe what’s happening in the lair, the objects inside will just be flailing blindly. Any object can be affected, so long as it is either part of the building itself, or has been present in the lair for at least a lunar month.
Outside the lair, the vampire gains an extraordinary sense of the city or countryside surrounding her lair. Every street, every alley, every shortcut, every blind corner is known to her as if she had spent a decade prowling the city with the intent to memorize its every twist. This effect is limited to a certain radius outside the lair, which depends on how long the lair has been established, and the strength of the vampire’s Willpower. No matter how powerful the vampire and how old the lair, there’s a hard limit to the size of this effect, up to about a dozen or so miles radius.
This secondary ability makes it extremely difficult to either chase down or escape the vampire, she can move through the streets with ease, never surprised, never at a loss for where to go. The whole area has become, in some sense, her territory, though the magical bonuses for being inside her lair don’t function outside the building.
When this ability is learned, a price is exacted. Something important to the vampire is lost, destroyed, gone utterly. If a new primary lair is established, sooner or later that same price will be exacted. Some say that the spirit or whatever it is that inhabits the lair and animates it exacts this price, others surmise it is only some odd working of fate.

  • Hunger: Causing the lair to animate has a small but noticeable hunger impact, and the drain continues over time if the vampire uses this ability for an extended period.. Using the knowlege portion of this ability has no hunger impact at all.

Dominion Master Kingdom

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