Dominion Apprentice Fief

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Dominion – Apprentice Level: Fief [40 or +25 points]

Now with some practice at controlling this connection, the vampire sees more clearly into the mystic realm, and has a lot more control over defining exactly what constitutes a lair.

Armored Haven: This ability strengthens the actual structure of the vampire’s primary lair, making it much more resistant to damage or destruction, and especially flame. There are definite limits to what this ability can provide, a cardboard box haven will not stop bullets, an apartment building will not stand firm against industrial demolitions. However, the decrease in damage that the building takes is enough that it will surprise someone who tries to damage it. The protection against fire is really dramatic, it is a fool’s errand to try to burn down a properly armored lair.
The armor is not instantly applied when this ability is learned, or when a new lair is chosen. The building, cave, or whatever the lair is becomes more and more resilient over time, though the rate of increase starts out strong and tapers down to a less robust rate over time. Still, the lair of a truly ancient vampire who learned this ability when the lair was first established can survive a shocking amount of punishment.

  • Hunger: The only time Armored Haven impacts hunger is when it is applied to a secondary lair, whereupon the ritual to include that place in this ability’s protection costs some energy and also requires bloodletting.

Aura Sight: When activated, this ability allows the vampire to see the aura of any sapient creature, a corona of light and color patterns that reveals much about the person. Auras are not always easy to interpret, there may be multiple ways to read an aura, especially the more complex auras that supernatural creatures bear.
The easiest information to gain is the emotional state of the viewed person. Other things that can be gleaned are if the subject is supernatural, and if so, what kind it might be, recent life changes, and big events like betrayals, atrocities, marriage, having children (or siring vampires), and so on. All in all the aura gives a variety of general and useful information about the basics of the subject. This ability can sometimes detect magical or power effects on the subject as well, especially if they affect the mind.

  • Hunger: Aura sight has a slight but noticeable hunger cost, and a very slight cost to maintain the ability. It can be used for an hour or so without much noticeable increase over the initial, but using it all night will be a more serious drain.

Darksight: Within her own lair, the vampire’s eyes cannot be fooled by darkness. Every shadow lies bare before her, the darkness is seen through as if it were merely a faint gray haze. Outside the lair, the vampire can activate this ability to gain a very good low-light vision ability. Though it can’t penetrate complete darkness, it reduces any shadows to one half or one third their previous size, which can often cause havoc with abilities of Nightwalking that require being cloaked in shadow. Out in a sort of generally dark area, the vampire still gets some ability to see, albeit in a way limited to fuzzy shapes.
Darksight makes the vampire’s eyes luminous, with a slight reddish glow or sheen to them that will be noticed by observant parties.

  • Hunger: Darksight has a negligible hunger cost inside the lair, noticeable only if used all night, for multiple nights. Outside, it’s more noticeable to the point that it’s prudent not to simply keep the ability active all night, especially while in well-lit places. Unlike Aura Sight, there’s no spike in cost while activating this ability, so it can be flipped on and off with relative ease.

Lairsense: An expanded version of alarm, this ability is generally activated whenever alarm is triggered. It gives much more information about what’s happening in the lair, a sense of where the interlopers are within the lair, and much more sensitivity to their actions, even ones that aren’t destructive. Anything that affects the lair in more than a totally superficial way might be sensed as a vague hunch as to what the invaders are doing.
When activated inside the lair, this ability not only provides much more exact information, but also heightens the vampire’s senses overall, making it easier to see, hear, smell, and so on. Once this ability is learned, Alarm also becomes much more effective at waking the vampire when asleep, though it still isn’t a fool-proof way to awaken.

  • Hunger: Lairsense has a noticeable but small hunger cost that is paid when activated, and need not be paid again for the duration of that particular invasion.

Security Roster: The vampire can now designate certain beings as belonging to his lair so that they will not trip Alarm’s warning, nor some of the more aggressive defensive abilities that come at higher levels. It’s often used either on any guards the lair might have, or on the shared lair of a coven or gulag. This is useful not only for preventing one’s sense of waryness from being dulled by repeated false alarms, but also because it extends at least a small part of the protections on the lair to the designated individuals. Those protections never benefit those individuals against the vampire himself, however, if for some reason the protected individuals turn traitor. In fact, this ability puts a bit of a curse on any traitor who tries to fight the vampire inside his own lair, tipping things even further in the owner’s favor.

  • Hunger: This ability consumes a noticeable amount of energy each time a new individual is added to the roster. When adding a large group of guards or opening a lair to become a Coven’s main lair, it is wise to have some unfortunate humans nearby to provide blood.

Dominion Apprentice Fief

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