Dominion Adept Fortress

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Dominion – Adept Level: Fortress [60 or +20 points]

It becomes increasingly harder to fool the Adept’s senses, and facing someone in their lair when they know this level of Dominion is a dangerous proposition at best.

Dragon’s Eyes: This more potent magic sight power clearly reveals powers and strong supernatural beings. The threshold for who will be revealed as supernatural is raised significantly if the being in question is using any kind of mystic ability. When viewing a mystic effect or item, the type of effect and what kind of being it originated from is plain to see. Further, the more times a vampire sees a particular power or spell the more he learns about it, until all its secrets have been revealed.
In addition, this ability reveals which areas are more magical than others, showing glimmering ley-lines hidden in the earth, sacred sites, and easily revealing the presence of well-defended lairs. Once Dragon’s Eyes have been learned, the Apprentice level ability of Darksight improves as well, allowing much more vision into gloomy darkness, though it still doesn’t completely penetrate areas of absolute darkness.
Dragon’s Eyes is a pretty obvious power when used, the vampire’s eyes glow strongly, usually in red, blue, or purple, but any color is possible. The color often corresponds to the vampire’s primary aura color. Sunglasses can hide this glow a little, but it’s strong enough that unless the sunglasses are of the wrap-around type, some glow will peak out from the sides of the lenses.

  • Hunger: Dragon’s Eyes has a noticeable hunger cost when activated but no maintenance once up.

Imprint Lair: This ability allows a vampire to designate a secondary lair, or even additional ones if desired. It also makes it much easier to switch a primary lair to another place, because it can be used actively instead of waiting for the new area to naturally become associated with the vampire.
Using this ability requires inhabiting the area for at least a few hours during the night, and spending at least one day in rest there. A fair amount of bloodletting during a ritual is required as well. Using this ability on an already established lair increases the rate at which abilities like Armored Haven and Subtle Lair improve their protection.
Designating a secondary lair is easy enough, and requires no maintenance once the ritual is done. Adding a tertiary lair, or even more on top of that imposes a maintenance cost for each one that will be felt simply as the vampire needing more total blood from night to night.

  • Hunger: The bloodletting needed for the ritual is fairly dramatic, some kind of preparation for getting blood afterwards is advised. In addition, the ritual requires some energy that’s used in the normal way for a vampiric ability.

Lair Champion: The vampire’s connection to her lair is now strong enough that she gains actual attribute bonuses inside her lair. These aren’t enough to allow her to totally dominate in areas where she’s weak, but it provides an edge that can swing the outcome of close battles.
Outside the lair, she can draw on this powerful connection to siphon off magical energy through herself and into her lair. This breaks down wards and other standing magical effects, feeding some of the lost energy into the lair. Most wards and effects aren’t strong enough to noticeably increase the rate at which powers that ramp up protection on a lair protect the lair, but larger effects can provide a nice boost. Also, a lair that receives energy in this way on a more or less regular basis will gain some self-healing ability where damage to the structure will repair itself over time.

  • Hunger: This ability has a small but noticeable hunger cost when used to break down a magical effect, but there is no increase in cost for the bonus within the lair.

Psychometry: This ability grants access to the history of any inanimate object or place, giving the vampire visions of what has passed in and around the target. Events that show up most clearly are those that were dramatic in some way, especially if they involved violence, death, or magic. The images come in a rush, with some garbled sound and little else in the way of sensory data, as well as a burst of emotion. Thus the experience may need some interpretation before the vampire knows exactly what that vision was revealing.
This power can also let the vampire reach out to her lair wherever she is, feeling her way through not only past events but even what is actually happening there. This allows her to look into any room or place in the lair, albeit through a distorted lens. Unlike Lairsense, this power replaces the vampire’s sensory input entirely when used on the lair from a distance, so it’s only a good choice to use when there’s no danger in the immediate vicinity.

  • Hunger: Psychometry has a pretty low hunger cost, regardless of the way it is used.

Subtle Lair: The vampire’s lair fades from the mind of those that observe it, not becoming invisible, or being cloaked at all, but rather seeming less interesting, less notable, and failing to stick in the memory of people who observe it.
This effect extends to those who try to investigate it from afar, be it someone searching the city records or casting spells to try to find it. Wards against scrying effects shield the lair, and a confusion effect makes it possible that a controlled animal or other scouting servant that enters the lair may become disconnected from the vampire or other creature that sent it in.
The net effect of all these abilities is that the lair becomes very hard to find for those who don’t know where it is. The lair’s neighbors will find less reason to be suspicious of what goes on there, providing an indispensable layer of protection against detection.

  • Hunger: As with Armored Haven, this ability only costs hunger if it is applied to a secondary lair via a ritual. It also ramps up its protection over time rather than just starting out full strength.

Dominion Adept Fortress

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