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Dominion – Overview & Basic Level Abilities

This power works off the mystic connection that a vampire develops with that most important of places, his lair. Because they are so vulnerable when they rest, vampires must be very careful in choosing their resting place, investing much of themselves in the appearance, defenses, and location of their lair. As Dominion develops the vampire becomes more connected to his lair, not only keeping better track of what’s happening within it, but also gaining a lot of advantages against anyone foolish enough to beard him in his den.

Dominion abilities are often ward-like, providing alarms against intruders and magic resistance to powers that attempt to reach inside it. It also offers abilities that directly buff the vampire’s attributes and other capabilities while defending his turf. As the vampire develops this watchful, mystic connection, some of that ability spills over into a general proficiency with detecting supernatural powers and even natural events that portend some kind of danger.

Willpower and Cunning are both important for Dominion, but Willpower is by far the more useful attribute. Strength and Weaponry both benefit from the force-multiplying abilities that help the vampire defend her lair, so the higher those attributes are, the more dramatic the defensive ability increase.

Unlike many powers, Dominion relies on something external to the vampire, the presence of a prepared resting area. A ‘Lair’ is defined in terms of this power as the place the vampire rests most often, and at least two or three times a week. This is always the primary lair for the vampire, so when a Dominion power makes reference to the primary, or main lair, this is the place indicated. Some abilities allow the vampire to designate additional places as secondary lairs, and how exactly that works is explained in those ability descriptions.
The actual extent of the lair is the space that is most being used and improved. A vampire who simply huddles in a closet in an abandoned building will be bound to the closet itself, or perhaps the room the closet is attached to as the lair. One who builds defenses and security devices into the entire building, and uses more than just the one room as an actual living space in addition to a place to rest will claim the entire building as a lair.

Basic Level – Watchtower [15 Points]

Alarm: Perhaps the most useful ability of Dominion simply because of how reliable it is, this ability warns vampire whenever a someone enters his primary lair. It doesn’t give any information about who it might be, but this ability only triggers for sentient creatures, not animals. An animal that is actually possessed by a vampire with the Primal ability or some mage’s spell will trigger the alarm, but an animal that was simply ordered to go in and scout will not.
The warning is persistent but not distracting, letting the vampire know not only that someone is in the lair, but how long they stayed. A rough estimate of numbers is provided if there is more than one interloper, but no information on what exactly they’re doing. The one exception to knowing what an intruder is doing is that the vampire is also warned if someone does serious structural damage to the lair, from inside or out.
This ability is always active, even when the vampire is sleeping. It has the chance to wake a vampire, but can’t do so for certain, depending on how deep a sleeper she is.

  • Hunger: There’s no hunger cost to Alarm at all.

Witch Eye: With the ability to mystically sense intrusion comes a basic awareness of supernatural intruders upon the mortal realm. This is not a ‘sense magic’ power exactly, but what it does is allow a vampire to survey his surroundings and get hints as to which things and people are less than natural. Witch eye is not one hundred percent reliable, it misses some creatures and powers, especially very subtle ones, and it relies on how closely the vampire pays attention to the phenomena or object.
The way the ability manifests for the user is to exaggerate any unnatural aspect of the creature, person, or thing’s appearance, as well as the occasional glimmer of colored mystic energy. It’s subtle, and a vampire gains more use from this ability the more observant he is. Going through each night in a distracted or absent minded state will essentially nullify any advantage this ability could give.

  • Hunger: Witch eye, like Alarm, is simply a passive ability that doesn’t impact hunger and is always working for the vampire.


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