Creating Vampires

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Creating vampires is something that’s of importance to any player character. Not only is it something that happened to them, so it’s part of their background, but it’s something that a character might do. The scary thing about it is that even vampires who don’t wish to sire another creature of the night may end up doing so anyway.

Death By Draining

Any human drained of so much blood that he dies from the experience has a chance to come back as a Vampire. The chance is quite low, but cannot be eliminated by any means known except destroying the body before the victim has a chance to Rise.

It is known for certain that burying the body in the earth increases the chance that the victim will Turn, and it will happen within three nights of the victim’s death. It’s still a fairly low chance, however, this is not a reliable way to create a vampire, though it is quite low-cost.

Because one cannot always be certain that someone will live through a feeding, and because it’s not always possible to dispose of a body in such a way that it can’t Turn, this method of passing on the vampiric condition is a huge thorn in the side of all careful vampires. Every large city has a few bloodsuckers who are unwanted by the rest of the community, simple accidents of feeding. Typically, they don’t last very long. A completely friendless vampire doesn’t have much chance to make it through her early nights.

The Ritual of Rising

There is a ritual, devised so long ago that no one remembers how or when it was created. This ritual greatly increases the chance that a mortal will Turn, but it does not offer certainty. There is a small but significant chance that the mortal will simply die, instead of Turning. That problematic fact has caused much disappointed, heartache, and frustration over the ages.

The ritual requires a great deal of blood, fresh, human blood, about as much as one gets from exsanguinating three humans, or almost four gallons. For this reason, and another mentioned below, it is not performed lightly. The vampire-to-be is drained to the point that the body is struggling to live, but isn’t quite dead yet, and then fed vampiric blood from the intended Sire. To complete the ritual, the mortal is put alive into a grave, and buried. Even willing subjects often find they cannot quite go through the final stage of the ritual, but it’s a simple matter for the vampire performing the ritual to override whatever weak resistance the mortal can put up when half-drained.

There are many, many things that vampires add to this ritual, according to how they learned it, their personal style, or what they heard makes it more effective. It’s known for certain that performing the ritual during the dark of the moon (new moon) makes it more effective. Of the rest of the variations and strange additions, it’s not know for certain what’s helpful and what isn’t. Magic behaves poorly with empirical testing, and in any case the ritual is so expensive and draining that it’s not something one wants to do repeatedly to test a hypothesis.

  • Note: How willing the subject is seems to have no bearing at all. Eager would-be converts are just as likely to lie still in their graves as anyone else, while those who have to be hurled, shrieking into the coffin Turn just as often.

If everything worked out, the mortal Turns, and becomes a Vampire either on the next night, the night after, or the third night. If the third night passes with no Turning, the ritual has failed. Regardless of the success or failure of the ritual, the Sire pays the cost in power. He will find himself weakened temporarily (extra bad stuff or 1 attribute reduced), which is the other reason this ritual is only performed for good reason.

Vampires use this ritual when they have someone to Turn that they wish to bring up as an ally, lover, slave, or friend. The temporary weakness is offset by having another companion, and in time that fades and the new vampire becomes stronger, greatly strengthening the group. Thus a sire nearly always chooses to use this ritual on someone he or she feels can be an asset.

Creating Vampires

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