Attribute Levels

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The attributes, detailed on their their own page have various ranks for the ‘normal’ people, and then increase up to numbered ranks for those who have truly surpassed mortal ability.


An attribute ranked poor is well… poor. This is below the human average, indicating weakness, poor health, ineptitude, and so on. Must humans have at least one attribute at this level, but not all of them do. Those that don’t have a Poor level attribute are known as those people who are ‘good at everything’.

  • Supernaturals very rarely have any attributes this low.

The average level for a human person. Most of the people in the world have most of their attributes at this rank. Neither exceptional nor bad, they get by just fine with attributes of this rank.

  • Supernaturals consider attributes at this level much like humans consider Poor ranked attributes, inadequate.

This is an exceptional level for a human, star athletes, famous artists, brilliant scientists, and so on have attributes at this level. Some small percentage of humans have one attribute at this level, it’s very rare for a human to have more than one, or many attributes of this rank.

  • For Supernaturals this is the ‘average’ rank for an attribute, putting one in the middle of the pack.

The very greatest people have managed to achieve an attribute of this rank. For a mortal, having even a single attribute at this level makes one a Napoleon, a Michelangelo, and Einstein. It represents the absolute maximum of human achievement, without some kind of magic or supernatural blood, humans can’t get any higher.

  • For Supernaturals this is noteworthy, but not awe-inspiring. The magical potency of their beings gives them the capacity to surpass this limit.

Past the Supernatural level, attributes are assigned numbered ranks, corresponding one to one with character points. These are the levels where one can awe even jaded supernatural creatures. The numbered ranks describe the differences between furious young vampires and the terrifying ancients. These ranks increase upward without limit, there’s no upper limit to the power of magical beings.

  • For Supernaturals, the ranked attributes are where the real badasses are, some of them so powerful that those far down at the bottom of the scale can’t tell the difference between those who are at the top, and those just below it.

Attribute Levels

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